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The engines of Sir Topham Hatt's railway family.

SteamTeam-1.jpg picture by UnluckyTug06
These are the 8 main engines that work Sir Topham Hatt's railway. Each have their own personality, favoured jobs, and good friends in each other.
ThomasTheTankEngineSeason7.jpg Thomas The Tank Engine Season 7 image by dcelano Thomas is Sodor's Number 1 tank engine. He is a 0-6-0 E2 class tank engine and arrived in 1915 to help build the railway and stayed on as a pilot at Tidmouth and Vicarstown. Thomas got his own branchline with two coaches after he helped James from an accident. He is cheeky, but a hard worker, and in the Fat Controller's eyes, is a Really Useful Engine. After crashing into the stationmasters house the front of his footplate was made straight. Thomas has traveled beyond Sodor; in 1991, he was sent on a tour of the National Railway Museum of York, where he met several famous engines and became an honorary member. He only trusts the engines on his branch with his faithful coaches Annie and Clarabel.
FIRST SEEN - Series 1, Thomas And Gordon
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Best Friends
123Edward.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Being the oldest and wisest, Edward recieves a lot of respect from the other engines. He is a 4-4-0 Sharp Stewart Larger Seagull loco built in 1896. He arrived on Sodor from the Furness Railway around 1915 to help with the railway's build and got his own branch line. The smaller engines, Bill and Ben especially, find him a threat when angry, and also are keen to do as he says. Much age comes before beauty, as Edward is often tired and moving slowly nowadays. But nevertheless, the engines are always willing to lend him a hand if needed.
FIRST SEEN - Series 1, Edward And Gordon
LAST SEEN - Series 12, James Works It Out
123Henry.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Henry caused a lot of grief for the Fat Controller when he arrived in the 1920's, mainly due to the LMS trying to recreate him as a A3 Pacific. He was meant to be a 4-6-0 but was a 4-6-2. At one point, he was the same shape as Gordon, but a terrible accident sent him to Crewe and was rebuilt to resemble the engine Black Five and he felt a lot better. Henry is strong, and always trying to find a way to prove it to the others, Gordon in particular. This unique engine also has a love for trees and wildlife, and spends his free time in a forest that he is proud to call his own. He occasionally still gets sick every now and then.
FIRST SEEN - Series 1, A Sad Story Of Henry
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Don't Go Back
123Gordon.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Gordon, being the fastest engine on the Island, is always pleased to brag. He was built in 1922 as a 4-6-2 test engine for the A3 Pacific class. He then got a rebuild at Crewe during the same year before arriving on Sodor. He stalled on a hill between Wellsworth and Cronk and had it got nicknamed "Gordon's Hill." He looks down on the smaller engines, the tank engines especially. Back when Gordon was new, Thomas would often scare Gordon when he was resting between train, and Gordon never took kindly, too which he taught Thomas a great lesson later on.
Though as big engines so, Gordon does have the smallest amount of respect and affection for his friends. Once, when Henry was having boiler troubles, Gordon swapped tenders so Henry could have his coal instead.
FIRST SEEN - Series 1, Thomas And Gordon
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Thomas Puts The Brakes On
123James.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 If there were a mirror large enough, you'd most likely find James looking at himself in it. He is an expermental Hughes superheated tender engine. He arrived on Sodor as a black 0-6-0 but became 2-6-0 after an accident on his day and was repainted red to cheer him up, but the new coat did more than that. James is cocky, vain, and often selfish. Though as much as James respects his glorious paintwork, he respects hard work just as much. When James once took Mrs. Kyndley to a funfair, he realised just how good it feels to make a friend happy, and he has never forgotten that feeling.
FIRST SEEN - Series 1, Thomas And Gordon (Cameo), Thomas And The Breakdown Train
LAST SEEN - Series 12, James Works It Out
123Percy.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Percy is small, but nevertheless, does twice the amount of work than any other engine. He is a 0-4-0 Avonside Saddle Tank engine and his past is unknown.He was found at the works and was brought during a Mainline strike to be the pilot at Tidmouth and was later replaced by Duck so that he could help build the Knapford Harbour on Thomas' line and then stayed there. Percy can do any job in any quantity, whether its shunting, pulling, loading, delivering, he can do it. Percy is best friends with Thomas, and would do anything to make his friend happy. Percy loves the post train, and gets jealous when another engine pulls it instead of him. Percy was very cocky when he was newer and loved boasting to other engines and playing tricks on the big engines, but always got his comeuppance. He maintains a friendly rivalary with Harold the Helicopter
FIRST SEEN - Series 1, Trouble In The Shed
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Best Friends
Toby-1.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Toby is a J70 Class tram engine from 1903, and is made out of wood, making him a unique engine. He worked at a harbour at the LNER railway but moved to a branchline, but it was closed due buses and lorries taking their work. Thomas was having trouble with a police officer and The Fat Controller sent for Toby. At first,  James thought Toby looked strange, but after a nasty accident, Toby earned great respect from him. Toby takes trucks from the quarry down to the harbour and takes and collects the quarry workers. He also enjoys collecting flour from a windmill. Toby also has an old coach named Henrietta and one called Victoria who take the workmen. He has a small water tank and doesn't carry much coal and must fill up at Elsbridge every journey
FIRST SEEN - Series 1, Toby And The Stout Gentleman
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Saved You!
123Emily.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 The Steam Team's only female (and proud of it), Emily has a good attitude towards hard work. She is based on the Stirling Single 4-2-0 from the Great Northern Railway. When she first arrived, all she wanted was to show the Fat Controller what she could do, and accidentally took Thomas's coaches by mistake. The engines thought Emily was a thief, and were rude to her. But after Emily saved Oliver and Thomas from a close encounter, she recieved plenty of healthy respect. Emily can be crabby when something is not done right, and when it comes to that, she feels she ought to do it herself.
FIRST SEEN - Series 7, Emily's New Coaches
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Thomas Puts The Brakes On
TFCEngines.jpg picture by UnluckyTug06
The character bios of the engines that are also owned by Sir Topham Hatt himself, but apparently not good enough for the title The Steam Team. These engines are seen all around Sodor, some even have their own branchlines.
123Duck.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Duck is brilliant, and very clever. He is a 0-6-0 5700 Class Pannier Tank engine from 1929 and came to Sodor with the number 5741. His real name is Montague, but was nicknamed Duck for the way his body waddles when he rolls. He prefers Duck, and is very proud of his name. Being from the Great Western Railway, Duck does not stand fuss, and won't take excuses for laziness, especially from Gordon and James! He suffered a lot after a diesel came and tried to get rid of him but was welcomed back to the yards. He was the Tidmouth Pilot up until '67 when he got his own branchline. A little while later Oliver joined his line and he got two coaches of his own.
FIRST SEEN - Series 2, Duck Takes Charge
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Best Friends
2DonaldDouglas.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Donald and Douglas are twin engines from Scotland. Each have large tenders, low whistles, and thick Scottish accents. They are 0-6-0 812 Class engines from Caledonia. When work was hard, the Fat Controller sent for one engine, but got two instead. Donald and Douglas were inseperatable, and both feel great surrow when they are each working alone. Their numbers were 57646 and 57647, but their class numbers end at 57645. They mainly work on the Mainline and Duck's Branch Line.
FIRST SEEN - Series 2, Breakvan
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Saved You!
123Oliver.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 It was a good thing Douglas was visiting the Scrapyards that faithful night, otherwise Oliver would be in the scrap heap. He is a 0-4-2 1400 Autotank Tank Engine from the Great Western Railway. Oliver was going to be scrapped by his previous controller, but he manged to escape with the help of Douglas and The Fat Controller. He now has a Great Western green livery, and works with Duck on his branchline. He has two coaches called Isabel and Dulice. He had trouble with the trucks when he first arrived as they pushed him into a turntable, then he accidentally pulled apart their leader, S.C.Ruffey, but that stopped the trucks from teasing him.
FIRST SEEN - Series 3, Escape!
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Gordon Takes A Shortcut
123Daisy.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 You'll never meet a more stubborn engine. Daisy is highly sprung, and hates any work that involves moving. She is rude as she is fancy, and doesn't stand strong attitudes towards her fussing. She is a single car Diesel Railcar and was specially built to work on the Ffarqhaur branch. She arrived after Thomas had an accident to do passenger work but caused a lot of upset an was going to be sent away when Thomas came back, but Percy had an accident and she helped out and proved she was worthy to stay and was kept on permanently.
FIRST SEEN - Series 2, Daisy
LAST SEEN - Calling All Engines!
123Boco.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 BoCo is a big diesel with a big heart and a healthy sense of humor. He is a Co-Bo Diesel Electric Type 2 made by Metropolitan Vickers. He came for trials on and eventually was brought to work on Edward's Brach Line and helps keep Bill and Ben in order when they are acting up. BoCo is known for being one of Sodor's kinder diesels, and which on this railway, is a rare find. His number is D5702
FIRST SEEN - Series 2, The Diseasel
LAST SEEN - Series 5, Double Teething Troubles
01BillBen.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Pranksters at heart, Bill and Ben are the most michevious engines on all of Sodor. They enjoy bumping trucks and but dislike being told off for it. Though Edward and BoCo know how to keep them in order when they are acting up. The two share the work in the quarries and the China Clay Works on Edward's branchline. Quite a few engines have had bad dealings with the two. They made BoCo's eyes spin on his first day after they thought he had stole from them, tricked Gordon into thinking they were going to scrap him and caused Thomas a lot of grief when he worked on their line. Though after Thomas saved the day when their line was flooded, the twins vowed not to be mean to him again.
FIRST SEEN - Series 2, The Diseasel
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Gordon Takes A Shortcut (Ben)
                     The Great Discovery (Bill)
123Mavis.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Mavis is a tramway diesel that works at the Anopha Quarry shunting trucks for Toby on Thomas's branchline. When she was young, Mavis was fiesty and like doing tasks her own way. She has learned now, and now spends most her time keeping Bill and Ben in order! She is a 0-6-0 Class 03 Diesel Shunter and has her wheels covered by cow catchers and side plates which allows her to go down the track from the quarry to Ffarqhaur without breaking the law. She is very careful going down the line though a car once ran into her due to the driver being new.
FIRST SEEN - Series 3, Mavis
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Don't Go Back
01ArryBert.jpg picture by UnluckyTug06 Arry and Bert are two nasty 0-6-0 Class 08 shunting diesels that work the parts of Sodor that the steam engines dislike greatly. They work at the smelters and the scrapyards and enjoy teasing and scaring the other engines when they go there. Arry and Bert's eyes were mainly on Stepney, and once got the chance to scrap the Bluebell engine, but were stopped abruptly by The Fat Controller.
FIRST SEEN - Series 5, Stepney Gets Lost
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Don't Go Back
001Salty.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Salty is a BR Class 07 0-6-0 diesel of the dockyards. He is a friendly diesel with a true heart of a sailor. He loves the salty sea air and the sounds of the gulls, and enjoys the blows of ships coming and going. Salty is a hard worker, and knows how to handle the trucks well. Bill and Ben were certainly jealous when they saw Salty and the trucks singing a lively tune!
FIRST SEEN - Series 6, Salty's Secret
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Henry Gets It Wrong
Harvey.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Harvey recieved quite a bad welcome to Sodor as some of the engines thought he looked strange due his crane arm. Harvey was to perform a demontration to the Gentlemen Of The Railway Board, and they would decide if he were to join the railway or not. Harvey wanted to leave as he wasn't wanted, but Percy had derailed and his trucks were blocking the road. Harvey sorted things out and the Railway Board Gentlemen saw it and was brought onto Sodor. He isn't as strong as Rocky but he can lift derailed trucks and coaches and can lift smaller engnes like Thomas and Percy. He is a 0-4-0 Dubs crane engine.
FIRST SEEN - Series 6, Harvey To The Rescue
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Saved You!
001Arthur.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Arthur is the largest tank engine on Sodor and is based on a LMS 2-6-2 suburban tank engine. He is a bright maroon engine from the LMS railway, and arrived to the Island with pride. Thomas and Percy envied his Spotless Record, which Thomas accidentally spoiled on Arthur's first run. But he forgave Thomas, and both are good friends now.
A few months after his accident, Arthur discovered the new line to the fishing village, in which the job was given to Thomas. After Thomas got into an accident, Arthur exchanged the favour, and took the run. He now runs the line, and Arthur is certainly proud of it. After all, he is the only engine that can stand the smell of fish!
FIRST SEEN - Series 7, The Spotless Record
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Steady Eddie
2Murdoch.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Of all the largest engines on Sodor, Murdoch is top. He is a mighty engine with 10 drive wheels and shiny sideplates, which he wears with pride. He is based off one of the huge 9F's Evening Star. Murdoch pulls long goods trains, which he takes through the beautiful countryside. He enjoys his peace and quiet, and was very dissapointed when some noisy sheep were grazing on his line.
FIRST SEEN - Series 7, Peace And Quiet
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Thomas Puts The Brakes On
01Fergus.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Fergus is a Blue Circle TJ Class 2-2-0 Well Tank traction engine of small size, but a hearty attitude. Fergus is very proper and stands for hard work, and very defensive when it is not done right. Often, when things don't go as wanted, he'll shout "Not like that, do it right!" at the engines. Bill and Ben certainly found this irratating. Fergus is also very bold; he has fought an avalanche, stormy weather, and the frightful scrapyards! He is the pride of the Cement Works and loves working there and got upset when Diesel tricked him into thinking otherwise
FIRST SEEN - Series 7, Salty's Stormy Tale
LAST SEEN - Series 7, Fergus Breaks The Rules
mollytheyellowengine.jpg Molly is a bright yellow engine with very low self esteem. Well, at least, she was when she first arrived. Molly, being shy, wanted to show the other engines she was important, and lied about having special trucks. But she later found out she can be very important as long as she does what she is told. She is based on a GE Claud Hamilton 4-4-0 tender engine.
FIRST SEEN - Series 9, Molly's Special Special
LAST SEEN - The Great Discovery
001Neville.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Neville never spoke much. When new, the poor engine had rumors spread about that that he was on the side of Arry and Bert, and was going to derail all the steam engines. This rumor was started by Neville's boxy look and solid black colour, but soon enough, the engines realised that Neville had no bad intentions at all, and is now a friendly engine indeed. He is based on a 0-6-0 Bullied Q1 Engine.
FIRST SEEN - Series 9, Thomas And The New Engine
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Best Friends
Dennis.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Dennis is a 0-6-0 BR 11001 Jackshift Diesel. He arrived on Sodor to do shunting work but was extremley lazy. He managed to coax Thomas into believing the trucks weren't behaving Thomas shunted them, only to be tricked again as Dennis said he didn't know where to go. Thomas showed him the way but left him and Dennis faked breaking down and Thomas left to get help. Dennis ran away and derailed and Thomas found him. Dennis apologised and Thomas pulled him out and helped him deliver the trucks. Dennis has changed his personality and is now busy with work
FIRST SEEN - Series 9, Thomas' Day Off
LAST SEEN - The Great Discovery
rosieav3.jpg Rosie is a chirpy tank engine, who admired Thomas quite a lot when new. She enjoyed copying as he did, but showed she is strong for her size by helping Thomas out of a tight jam. Rosie likes to take on large jobs for herself, which caused her a bit of trouble when delivering the funfair special. Her type is unknown, but we can guess she is an American Class 0-6-0 tank engine.
FIRST SEEN - Series 10, Thomas And The Birthday Mail
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Rosie's Funfair Special
Whiff-1.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Whiff is a 2-2-4 NER N66 Areolite tank engine and has a very special job on Sodor, and that is collecting rubbish. He is unique in being the only engine with glasses. The other engines thought he was smelly and looked funny, but he proved to be useful when he helped Emily pull some rubbish trucks off Spencer's line. He is a chirpy, happy engine, and proud of his job and doesn't mind the insults. 
FIRST SEEN - Series 11, Emily's Rubbish
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Toby's Special Surprise
Billy-1.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Billy is a Manning Wardle-built L-Class 0-6-0 tank engine. He was excited to arrive on Sodor but didn't like being bossed around. Thomas annoyed him by telling him what to do and Billy hurried away and ignored Thomas' advice and stuffed up all his jobs and caused Percy to get covered in coal. Then Billy ran out of coal and water and Thomas had to help him and Billy agreed to listen to Thomas. Due to his short temper and being careless and clumsy, people often refer to Billy as "Silly Billy."
FIRST SEEN - Series 11, Don't Be Silly Billy
LAST SEEN - Series 11, Don't Be Silly Billy
HelloStanley.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Stanley is a cheerful and helpful Hudswell Clark 0-6-0 tank engine. Stanley was brought to the railway to do Thomas' jobs while Thomas was in charge of the Great Waterton restortation, but after Thomas got into a bad accident, The Fat Controller put Stanley in charge of the construction. Everyone began to adore Stanley and found him to be a great addition to the team. Thomas was awfully jealous of him, but after Thomas came out of the mines, Stanley helped Thomas get back on the track and the two befriended. Stanley now does odd jobs around Sodor.
FIRST SEEN - The Great Discovery
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Thomas Puts The Brakes On
Flora.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Flora is a new yellow and red 0-6-0 steam tram. She arrived to assist Toby with work, and Thomas thought that Toby would be upset about a new steam tram. When asked to take her to Toby, Thomas kept making excuses and taking her away. But eventually, Toby and Flora met and Toby was relived to have someone to help lead the Great Waterton Parade. At the parade, Flora was given a giant two story coach. She is very kind and befriends easily, though seemed a pit like a pushover.
FIRST SEEN - Series 12, Tram Trouble
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Tram Trouble
Icon28.png Hank image by werehutch Hank is a big hearted American 4-6-2 Class K4 tender engine. He arrived to assist with wider loads and Thomas was to show him around. Hank commented on Thomas being small and Thomas decided to pull a heavy train by himself. Hank offered help but Thomas ignored him until he became to weak to pull it any further and Hank kindly stepped in. He has a Texan accent and a red cowcatcher in front. He is very helpful though a bit brash and that bothers some engines.
FIRST SEEN - Series 12, Heave Ho Thomas
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Heave Ho Thomas

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