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Thomas & Friends Character Gallery

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News, Updates, Guestbook and Acknowledgements

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The News And Updates category, continue to check in with what's latest on the Thomas & Friends Character Gallery fansite!
04/04/09- Changed audio files on front and back pages
04/01/09- Happy April Fools! Edited Proteus' profile and changed acknowledgements
03/23/09 - Updated pics of Whiff and Billy.
03/15/09 - Added small-time charecters to Railway Series page. Added new link. Updated acknowledgements. Added new pictures for Dennis, Stanley, Toby and Colin. Added new profiles for the Ram, Proteus and the Red Balloon. Added King James I to Real Life page. Added Algy to Annual and Magazines page
03/14/09 - Added new pictures for Thomas, Flora and Hank
03/13/09 - Added Links section. Added sound files to front and back pages. Will be updated regularly
03/11/09 - Annuals and Magazines Charecters Page started
03/01/09 - Added new animated cursor. Updated most profiles with story information.
02/11/09 - Added prototypes for Ada, Jane and Mabel. Updated acknowledgements
02/08/09 - Added Salty's prototype
02/05/09 - The Thomas & Friends Character Gallery fansite is released!
Links.jpg picture by UnluckyTug06
A great collection of links to fun and interesting sites any Thomas fan can enjoy. - The ultimate Thomas database. Find out information and pics on just about everything about Thomas! - An interesting and exciting forum created within the last few months with boards relating to the TV and Railway Series, along with other subjects, games and fan showcases. - Interesting collaboration of shop and information on Thomas and the Awdry Family. Run by Christopher's family, you can ask them questions, buy Thomas products and read up on the family. A link to their Thomas shop is on the front page. - Direct link to the Thomas page of A great collection of stories and parodies, and a place where you can upload your own work. - This is the fansite of the well-known Youtuber thebladezman. It has recently been made and is still under construction, but will feature a wide variety of information for both Railway and Television series

Acknowledgments.jpg picture by UnluckyTug06

The special space where all the friends who have assisted with the site are acknowledged for their contributions.
Ewan4Me - Provided the Wilbert avatar
Thomasfan4 - Provided avatars of Albert, Henrietta, Tiger Moth, Trucks, Horrid Lorries, Thumper, Butch and Tallylyn and Dogloch, provided information for Billy, Stanley, Whiff, Dennis and Ada, Jane and Mabel 
Docksidesalty - Provided information that assisted with the Skarloey Railway profiles and Salty's prototype
RRJS3 - Provided information on Hank
Bladez656/thebladezman - Provided information on small time charecters of the Railway Series
Know an interesting fact? Got a good quality picture? Noticed an engine that hasn't got a profile? Contact the Webmasters on YouTube under usernames UnluckyTug06 or Midgetsub09. If we accept your picture, fact or unnoticed charecter, you'll get your name up on the Acknowledgements board!

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This is the backpage to our website. We want to thank you for taking the time to look through our site. Hopefully, you may have learned something new whilst visiting here. We are always happy to hear from our visitors so please sign our guestbook below!
We would also like to thank users and friends who have helped us with pictures and info. Without them, this website wouldn't be! With many thanks to our friends.
~The Webmasters


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