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Friends of the Sodor family, who visit time-to-time.

VisitingEngines-1.jpg picture by UnluckyTug06
There are quite a few characters that have seen Sodor, and a few that continue to make their appearance.
01Diesel.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Devious Diesel is a solid black 0-6-0 Class 08 shunting diesel with a cold heart and an oily voice. He arrived on trial to help Duck with shunting work, and simply charmed the other engines. But Duck never trusted this diesel, and made him take some old trucks and the other trucks laughed at, which Diesel took as an insult and spread rumors about Duck and had him sent away, only to be found out a sent home by The Fat Controller. Diesel thinks all diesels are highly revolutionary, and continues to show up on Sodor when the workload is heavy, usually causing mischeif and despair.
FIRST SEEN - Series 2, Pop Goes The Diesel
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Don't Go Back
01Spencer.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 As far as famous engines go, Spencer is known for being one of the fastest engine in the world. He is, as the other engines say, a shining silver showoff. He is a 4-6-2 LNER Mallard. Spencer is the private engine for the Duke and Duchess of Boxford, who enjoy visiting the Sodor countryside. Even since the time Spencer neglected Gordon's advice, he still thinks what he thinks is best, which still lands him in trouble.
FIRST SEEN - Series 7, Gordon And Spencer
LAST SEEN - Series 11, Dream On
01Stepney.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Stepney is a Bluebell engine, and proud of it. He is a 0-6-0 Class A1 Sidetank engine that was made in 1875. His original controller sent Stepney to be scrapped but the Bluebell Railway rescued him. He was invited to Sodor to visit and got on well with the other engines and won Thomas over after the blue engine didn't like their being a more famous line, and showed Caroline the car that engines weren't all bad after he took her back to the cricket fields after accidentally racing her. He took a special train with Duck on his last day and everyone came to say goodbye to him when he left.
FIRST SEEN - Series 4, Rusty To The Rescue
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Rosie's Funfair Special
01Derek.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Derek is a Class 17 Bo-Bo Type 1 diesel, who has a bad case of teething troubles, which Bill and Ben mistook for him having a bad toothache. As far as diesels go, Derek is kind and was willing to help Bill and Ben with their heavy load before he broke down. Derek was sent away to be repaired, but returned to Sodor later on. His name was never mentioned and it originally was going to be Paxman after his motor.
FIRST SEEN - Series 5, Double Teething Troubles
LAST SEEN - Calling All Engines
01D261.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 D261 was never liked by any of the Sodor engines. He is an English Electric Class 40 1Co-Co1 and is the same type as Old Stuck Up. As soon as he arrived, he showed a dislike to their sheds and talked about how he started in an instant compared to them. He was meant to take a special train but a bowler hat from an inspector clogged his air intake and Duck and Stepney had to take it. He slunked away during Stepney's goodbye.
FIRST SEEN - Series 4, Bowled Out
LAST SEEN - Series 4, Bowled Out
2Truro.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 This engine is The City Of Truro. This engine is famous for being the first steam engine to go 100 m/ph. He came as a special visitor to Sodor, where a huge ceremony was held at the sheds. Gordon thought him untrustworthy, as he hadn't a proper dome. But to the other engines, Duck in patricular, saw him as a celebirty. He was very kind, and enjoyed talking with the engines, espically Duck, and didn't seem to mind Gordon. He is a GWR City Class 4-4-0 tender engine.
FIRST SEEN - Series 3, Gordon And The Famous Visitor
LAST SEEN - Series 3, Gordon And The Famous Visitor
2Scotsman.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 The Flying Scotsman is a famous Doncaster A3 engine, and the only survivor of the type. He was the second engine to go 100 m/ph. Gordon was originally built as a test engine for the speedy giant but left to Sodor after the tests. It wasn't until Gordon was feeling depressed about the diesel takeover on the Other Railway that The Fat Controller called for Flying Scotsman to pay a visit to cheer him up. He stayed for a while and made an impression on most engines, though made Henry jealous as he has two tenders. Henry thought they were a sign of importance but there was a great distance between coaling depots and water towers so Flying Scotsman needed two. He got a big send off when he left
FIRST SEEN - Series 3, Tender Engines
LAST SEEN - Series 3, Tender Engines
TTMR.jpg picture by UnluckyTug06
These are the visiting characters that starred in 2000's Thomas & The Magic Railroad.
d10.jpg Diesel 10 is an evil-minded, dasterdly Western Region B-B Warship diesel with an additional giant retractable claw atop his cab which he calls Pinchy, and often uses it to threathen the engines and scare them. He has only one thing on his mind - to eliminate steam engines on Sodor. Diesel 10 is known for being wicked and for hating Lady, as she powers all steam life. He also wants the Magic Railroad destroyed and dislikes Mr Conductor and Junior. He attempted to destroyed the engines and Lady, only to meet his demise and fell off a viaduct. He was later brought back after reforming a bit to work at the Smelters. Thomas overcame his fear of him and got Diesel 10 to help clear the track after a pile-up. Diesel 10's only weakness is sugar, in which if poured into his engine, he'd break down.

sandd.jpg Splatter and Dodge are Diesel 10's idiotic henchmen. They are both BR Class 08 0-6-0 shunting diesels. Their only use is to give opinions on Diesel 10's thoughts, and often only point out the negatives. The two are afraid of Mr Conductor, and know what he can do to them if found out. Splatter and Dodge have a crude sense of humor, in which they laughed when Thomas was covered in sneezing powder, and when Diesel 10 was buried in coal soot. Diesel 10 calls them Splodge, a mixed name for the two in which he can "save time" whilst explaining plans. They often cause arguements amongst each other. Their fate after Diesel 10 fell off the bridge is unknown.
lady.jpg Lady is a magical 0-4-0 side tank engine. She is a beautiful maroon with gold trimming. She is owned by Burnett Stone, and at one time, Burnett's wife, Tasha. Tasha admired Lady greatly, but sadly never got to ride her. Lady is the power of the Magic Railroad, which lost its magic when P.T. Boomer crashed Lady, and Burnett found it difficult to make her work again. But Thomas clumsily helped her by bringing Sodor coal to Muffle Mountain (her shed is stored there), which started her fire and brought her back to life once more. Diesel 10 attempted to destroy her again but Thomas and a collapsing viaduct saved the day. She most likely returned to the Magic Railroad or Muffle Mountain, but Thomas once dreamed of her working with Rusty in the mountains. Her type is fictional, and was created by her voicer and movie's director, Britt Allcroft.

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