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The profiles of The People Of Sodor.

THF.jpg picture by UnluckyTug06
The Hatt family is rather extensive, by here is the low-down on the more central family members
1TFC.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Sir Topham Hatt (a.k.a The Fat Controller) is a rather portly man who runs the North Western Standard Gauge Railway. He originally came to Sodor as an engineer. Then he was made a director and eventually the Chairman of the line. His biggest project has being overseeing the build of the bridge over the Walney Channel that runs from Vicarstown to Barrow-in-Furness in England. His only known child is Sir Charles Topham Hatt. Topham has a good relationship with the engines and is good with issuing rewards and punishments. He occasionally goes on holiday with his family. Once, they went to Toby's old line. Another time, they tried to have some good times but troubles with Tiger Moth and mud banks ruined their holidays. He normally wears his black suit, grey trousers and black top hat but has worn blue suits and outfits appropiate to this area. He has a blue car that he usually goes around in and he catches the Express at least once a day. The engines love being called "Really Useful Engines" by him as it makes them feel important. 
FIRST SEEN - Series 1, The Sad Story Of Henry
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Best Friends
3LadyHatt.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Lady Jane Hatt is wife to Sir Topham Hatt. She is very uptight and likes to have smooth rides, and dislikes bumpy coaches and travelling in unusual ways, like hot air balloons. She regularly celebrates her birthday in grand ways though something usually goes wrong. She occasionally runs the line while Sir Topham is sick.
FIRST SEEN - Series 1, Thomas In Trouble
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Percy And The Bandstand
3bridgetstephen1.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Stephen and Bridget are the grandchildren of Sir Topham and Lady Jane Hatt and children of Sir Charles Topham Hatt. They go on holidays, hikes and trips with their grandparents a lot. They assisted in the discovery of the castle and mine around where Bertram lived. Bridget hasn't shown as much knowledge and interest in engines are her relatives and thought Toby was an electric tram.
FIRST SEEN - Series 1, Toby And The Stout Gentleman
LAST SEEN - Series 5, Toby's Discovery
dowagerhatt1.jpg Dowager Hatt is the mother of Sir Topham Hatt and great-grandmother of Stephen and Bridget Hatt. She has a close relationship with her son and he treats her well whenever she pays a visit. She has a dalmantion called Gremlin. On her birthday, she was soon to be fussy and easily bothered and seems to share her sons waistline. She seems rich and wears flash dresses and coats a lot. She doesn't like bumpy rides very much and must have top quality rides.
FIRST SEEN - Series 5, Gordon And The Gremlins
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Excellent Emily
WorkersForemen.jpg picture by UnluckyTug06
The Fat Controller can't do it all on his own; these people play major roles in keeping the Island running and up-to-date.
mrpercival.jpg Mr Peregrine Percival is the man who helps run the Narrow Gauge railway. He wears a similar suit to the Fat Controller's and wears a bowler hat and glasses. He lives near the line with his wife and his twin kids. He rides a bicycle and is very proud of it and it's bell. He always does nice things for his family and throws a Christmas party every year. He can be strict at times but doesn't punish the engines that much. He gets on well with the Fat Controller and generally invites him over to the railway. He is sometimes referred to as The Thin Controller.
FIRST SEEN - Series 9, Mighty Mac
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Push Me Pull You
4DriverFireman.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 The Drivers and Firemen are essential to making sure the engines are running. They operate in the cabs of their engine and do jobs that make sure the trains get to their destinations on time and that the engine gets there in one piece. The firemen's main job is to shovel coal from the bunker or tender of the engine into the firebox. The driver's main job is controlling the engine and checking speed, steam and brakes. The driver also has to sand the rails when necessary. Diesels don't have firemen but have a "second man" instead. The Arlesdale Railway engines only have a driver as there isn't room for both in the tiny cabs. The driver and firemen usually joke around with the engine and have to explain things to them a lot of the time. Occasionally the drivers slack off and the engines take advantage and do their own thing.
4Workmen.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 The Workmen are very important in making things run on the Island. They fix the engines when they are injured or sick and they also fix broken tracks, broken signals, broken bridges etc. They help to build new engines and assist with construction jobs around Sodor. Others help out at the different areas on Sodor e.g. the Coaling Plant. The Foremen keep the yards in order and are always first to know if there is a problem. They don't like things not going to plan and always report to the Fat Controller on nonsense, lateness and misbehaviour.
signalman1.jpg Signalmen control which route an engine takes. They are very cautious, and are sure to warn the engines and crewmembers if there is danger on the line ahead. If there is a runaway, they are quick to telephone the nearest stationmaster about it. They generally watch the yards and lines to see if there is any trouble and they are used to pass on messages occasionally.
guard4.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Guards have important tasks of keeping the train in order and to make sure it leaves on time and arrives no later. Guards play their jobs seriously and are very important for the train's running. Once Thomas accidentally left the guard behind when the guard tripped over and Thomas didn't know what was wrong with a signal. They also have to pin down the brakes at the top of hills and are essential for making sure they aren't runaways or crashes when the couplings break. They occasionally get knocked out of their vans but they always alert the engine, espically if the train is on a runaway! His equipment is a green flag, a red flag and a whistle.
stationamaster3.jpg The Stationmasters have an important job and have to run the different stations on Sodor. They are responsible for what happens and generally pass on news to the Fat Controller or crews. They are also first to be informed if a train can't come or if there has been a problem.
3missjenny1.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Miss Jenny Packard runs the Packard Construction Company and owns all the machines. She likes to joke around and gets on well with the machines and engines, but she doesn't like them breaking the rules and can be very strict when necessary. She doesn't get involved in the work often but is usually dealing with important visitors, arranging work and telling the machines off. Her catch pharse is "You'd make a mother proud."
FIRST SEEN - Series 6, Jack Jumps In
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Percy And The Bandstand
1PackForeman.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 The Pack Foreman is the second in command when it comes to the going ons in the Pack. He steps in charge whenever Miss Jenny can't be there. He is allowed to give orders to the machines as well. His main jobs include the demolition of a warehouse, minding work at a warehouse and work with the lightning tree.
FIRST SEEN - Series 6, Jack Jumps In
LAST SEEN - J&TP, Mud Glorious Mud
3jemc2.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Jem Cole is a mechanic that works all around Sodor.  He worked with Trevor to spiff him up when the Vicar was coming and made Trevor look as good as new. He then assisted in fixing Elizabeth after she was discovered, and finally helped turn a broken coach into the Refreshment Lady's portable tea shop. He is very friendly and knows how to talk to engine and machines.
FIRST SEEN - Series 2, Saved From Scrap
LAST SEEN - Series 6, Elizabeth the Vintage Sential Lorry
cyrilfogman1.jpg Cyril is an old man who lives in the Misty Valley. He puts down detonaters that warn the engines of upcoming fog and landslides. He was temporarily replaced with a foghorn. However, that caused a landsldie that Thomas ran into and Cyril saved the day by alerting Toby and stopping him from crashing. He was then reinstated as the fogman.
FIRST SEEN - Series 6, The Fogman
LAST SEEN - Series 10, Seeing The Sights (Cameo)
1GentlemanRailwayBoard.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 The Gentlemen Of The Railway Board are very important for the running of the railway. They help with the purchasing of new engines by watching demonstrations. They also do other jobs but they have never been shown on the show. New engines must impress them in order to be purchased.
FIRST SEEN - Series 6, Harvey To The Rescue
LAST SEEN - Series 6, Harvey To The Rescue
3nancy1.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Nancy is a guard's daughter that works on the Skarloey Railway as an engine cleaner, as well as doing odd jobs. She gets on well with the engines and always makes sure their clean and jokes when they are dirty. She told Skarloey when Rheneas was coming home and also listened to the two old engines talking about their first weeks on the Island.
FIRST SEEN - Series 4, Passengers And Polish
LAST SEEN - Series 4, Three Cheers For Thomas (Cameo)
OtherImportantPeople-1.jpg picture by UnluckyTug06
These people may not work for the Railway, but they are important all the same.
3tomtipper1.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Tom Tipper is a young postman that works for the Sodor Post. He drives a red van and is very friendly with Percy and Thomas and helped to load mail. When his van was scrapped and replaced with a bike, he couldn't be as helpful. However, after Percy ran over the bike, he got his van back and became really reliable again.
FIRST SEEN - Series 4, Mind That Bike
LAST SEEN - Series 4, Mind That Bike
alicaiabotti1.jpg Allicia Botti is a famous Italian opera singer who occasionally visits the Island to do shows and special events. The engines are always keen to take her trains and to impress. Thomas was proud to take her train once, but a mouse put her off. Toby was also keen to impress but got muddy and had to be cleaned, but Alicia didn't mind. She has also come to Sodor to open the Flower Show. She is very loud and can break windows with her voice.
FIRST SEEN - Series 8, Thomas, Percy And The Squeak
LAST SEEN - Series 11, Toby's Triumpth
3vicar1.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 The Vicar Of Wellsworth is an important member of the Wellsworth community. He owns a giant orchard and runs the Wellsworth Church and is very influential. Edward asked him to buy Trevor and after taking his sons to see the traction engine, he decided to buy him. He runs a fete once a year.
FIRST SEEN - Series 2, Saved From Scrap
LAST SEEN - Series 3, Buzz Buzz
2Alice.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Alice is a young girl that lives near Thomas' branch on High Farm. She and Thomas are good friends and Thomas was desperate to give her her birthday post on a rainy day when the route to the farm was dangerous. He ended up getting caught in an avalanche, but luckily, Rosie helped get it delivered.
FIRST SEEN - Series 10, Thomas And The Birthday Mail
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Saved You!
2MrsKyndley.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Mrs Kyndley is an elderly woman whos lives by Thomas' branch. She likes the engines and treats them well. She saved Thomas from a landslide that she noticed while bed ridden and was given some tickets to the beach to recover. Then there was her daughters wedding and she got Percy to get a good luck passage. When her sister couldn't come to stay, she was upset and James and Harold elped make her feel better. She has a number of family members in Sodor and outside of it.
FIRST SEEN - Series 1, Thomas' Christmas Party
LAST SEEN - Series 5, Happy Ever After
2RefreshmentLady.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 The Refreshment Lady is a woman whos runs a number of shops that sells food and drinks to passengers. She owned one near the lake and Peter Sam accidentally left her behind once. She then owned one near the main stations and she decided to open another one but couldn't decide where. After a storm, an old coach was found and they used that as a portable refreshment coach. She is very friendly but can be cross when angered.
FIRST SEEN - Series 4, Peter Sam And The Refreshment Lady
LAST SEEN - Series 7, The Refreshment Lady's Tea Stand
3FarmerMcColl.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Farmer McColl is a farmer that lives on Sodor. He sends most of his goods by rail and knows the engines well. He always warns the engines to be careful but gets grumpy when something goes wrong, and the engines know not to do that. Most of the goods he sends are chickens and eggs, though he has pigs, sheep and cows at his farm as well. He once used Toby to help rescue his baby lambs during a snowstorm and relies on the engines a lot. He has great care for his animals. 
FIRST SEEN - Series 6, Toby Had A Little Lamb
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Heave Ho Thomas
2LordCallan.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Lord Callan is a Scottish man who runs the Scottish Castle. He generally lets people come to the castle and gets on well with Donald and Douglas. He also seems to be good friends with the Fat Controller as well. He hokds a special event every year and takes great pride in the Scottish flag.
FIRST SEEN - Series 7, Bad Day At Castle Loch
LAST SEEN - Series 11, Dirty Work
The Duke And Duchess of Boxford are a very important couple who regularly visit Sodor. Their private engine is Spencer and they don't mind him rushing around. The Duke enjoys taking photography, something that was part of Spencer's loss while racing Edward. They get on well with Sir Topham Hatt and Lady Hatt. They travel in luxury red coaches and they also have a coat of arms that engines occasionally wear.
FIRST SEEN - Series 8, Edward The Great
LAST SEEN - Series 11, Dream On
Animals.jpg picture by UnluckyTug06
There are quite a few animals that have played minor roles on the series.
3dilly1.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Dilly is a duck that Duck's crew put in Donald's water tank due to the engine teasing Duck about his name. Donald grew close to the duck and it was nicknamed Donald's Duck. After a happy time riding in the tender and eating the crews food, she got off at Arlesburgh Station. She likes going to the pond and greets the engines when they pass.
1Gremlin1.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Gremlin is a dalmation belonging to Dowager Hatt. His original name is unknown, but was renamed after "gremlins" caused trouble around the Island. He is very curious and very fast, though easily frightened. Gordon's whistle scared the dog and he ran into a field, got scared by a bull and ran over a footbridge and got in Thomas' cab where the tank engine reunited dog and owner. It doesn't go on trips anymore due to his mischeif.
3Pegasus.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Pegasus is a horse that lives in a field near Dryaw Airfield. It has a red and blue cart and is used for shows and fetes, giving rides to children. When being taken to a fete once it got stuck in a ditch and Harold had to airlift Pegasus to the fete. It is named after the mythical flying horse Pegasus.
3Champion.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Champion is a bull that lives near Thomas' branch. It enjoys eating grass and doesn't like being bothered by farmers. He escaped from being taken one day and Daisy was sent to shoo it down the line, but the bull frightened her unintentionally. Toby managed to get the bull down the line and reunited him with it's farmers.
aliciathemouse1.jpg Allicia is a small grey mouse that once resided in Clarabel. Thomas, his crew and workers thought it's squeaks were squeaky wheel squeaks. But the mouse was discovered when opera singer Allicia Botti opened Clarabel's door. It has a special home at Tidmouth Sheds and is named after the singer.
Theram.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 The Ram was nothing but a nuisance to Percy when he strayed onto the line and refused to move without some leaves of cabbage. Later, the Ram proved to be a hero when it kept some naughty boys in their place after they caused a mess at Maithwaite station during the Best Dressed Station contest. The Fat Controller awarded the Ram with a pumpkin, but the wind gave his hat to it instead! 
elephant1_jpg_thumb.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 The Elephant belongs to the circus that breifly visited Sodor around 1950. It escaped during back up and hid in a tunnel and they thought it was a blockage. After it proved not to be by pushing Henry out of the tunnel, it was well treated and got water and cakes. It accidentally sprayed Henry with water after he left off steam. It was taken back to it's owners, and Henry was glad to see it go! The elephant's name is Jumbo.
TTMR-Humans-1.jpg picture by UnluckyTug06
There's only one thing that differs about the human characters of 2000's Thomas & The Magic Railroad; they're actually Humans! This is a little bit about them.
TTMRMrConductor.gif image by UnluckyTug06 Mr Conductor (Alec Balwin) is a clever, responsible, and highly alert conductor that held the tasks of keeping Shining Time Station clean and in shape. When the Fat Controller went on holiday, Mr Conductor was left in charge of the railway, ironically the same time that Diesel 10 decided to pay a visit. Mr Conductor's "sparkle" is what keeps him and Junior alive, and found they had more than what they bargained for when coming to Sodor that faithful summer.
TTMRJunior.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 C. Junior (Michael E. Rodgers) is, as one would say, "a beach bum". He spent his days out on the shores with a milkshake in one hand and a bottle of sunblock in the other. It was until one day that his cousin, Mr Conductor called him up in need of help, in which he played the role of bringing Lily to Sodor, quite unexpectedly. After the major events, Mr Conductor rewarded him with his own cap and now works on a railway on the shoreline.
TTMRBurnettStone.gif image by UnluckyTug06 Burnett Stone (Peter Fonda) was a lonely man living out in the drifts of Muffle Mountain, and for years after the death of his wife Tasha, said barely a word to anyone. Everyone knew he had a secret, though just couldn't find out what it was. His secret was that he was keeping his engine Lady out of harm's way, from both PT Boomer and Diesel 10, which after many tries, succeeded, and with Lily's help, doesn't have to worry about either villians now.
TTMRLily.gif image by UnluckyTug06 Lily (Mara Wlison) is a kind, warm-hearted girl that wanted only one thing, and that was to have a good relationship with her grandfather, Burnett Stone. She got more than that when she was put on the wrong train, and instead of heading off to Muffle mountain, arrived at Shining Time, where Junior led her to Sodor. If it wasn't for Lily (and Thomas), Lady's magic would never have been restored. She has a toy bird who she calls Bluebird.
mrpatch.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Patch (Cody McCains) is a spirited kid with a mind for curiousity. He does odd jobs at Shining Time, and when coming across an old map of what was the Magic Railroad, wanted to find out its secret, which he and Lily later discovered. He has his own horse, who appears to be feisty.
Mutt.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Mutt is the friendly dog that lives at Shining Time among the company of Mr Conductor and Stacy Jones. He misses Billy Twofeathers when he is away, and is always there to greet him when his train comes in. Mutt was the reason that Lily made it to Sodor, by putting her on the wrong train.
MRPTBoomer.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 P.T. Boomer (Doug Lennox) was always jealous of Burnett's reletionship with his love interest, Tasha. P.T. was known for being a troublemaker, and somehow found a way to put Burnett down. He owned a motorcycle that he caused havoc about on the Shining Time route, once brutally cutting off The Rainbow Sun on the crossing, causing the train to stop abruptly. It was revealed that it was not Diesel 10 that crashed Lady, but P.T., trying to kidnap her. But he returned aboard Diesel 10 hoping to stop Lady once and for all, only to have his paln backfire when he fell off the collapsing viaduct on Diesel 10's cab. (P.T. Boomer was cut from the final script due to producers thinking he'd be too innapropriate for young viewers.)
RWSHumans-1.jpg picture by UnluckyTug06
A few of the important men that never saw the TV screen.
5thincontroller.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Mr Peter Sam (a.k.a The Thin Controller) runs the Narrow Gauge Railway due to the owner, Sir Handel Brown, being too busy. He has been around for quite a few years and once helped with the trains when the railway was close to being closed. He jokes around a lot and likes to keep the engines in suspense when telling them news, and likes to give the engines special treats. He can be strict though and the engines fear him when mad. He is titled the Thin Controller due to him being much thinner than his counterpart.
5fergusduncan.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Mr Fergus Duncan (a.ka. the Small Controller) runs the Arlesdale Railway. He doesn't tell the engines off that often and is very pleased when they do good things. He can also be quite secretive and quiet at times, and the engines don't notice him coming into the shed often. He joined in the search for Duke and used his railway's resources to help locate the lost engine. His title is a joke as he is in fact taller than the other two controllers.
5mrivohugh.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Mr Ivo Hugh is the engineer that works on the Skarloey Railway. He is very friendly towards the engines and is passionate about his job. He gets on very well with Rusty and Skarloey. He was the driver and fireman when a year before Peter Sam and Sir Handel arrived. His efforts were rewarded when the brand new engine was named Ivo Hugh

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