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The little engines of the Skarloey Railway; Sodor's best kept secret.

TTCEngines.jpg picture by UnluckyTug06
These are the little 2'3" Narrow Gauge engines that work in the Hills of Sodor. They are known for the beautiful landscapes that the rails find their way through them; they are Sodor's best kept secret.
111Skarloey.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Skarloey may be over 100 years old, but still has the golden attitude of a yound engine. He originally came to Sodor with only four wheels and no cab and refused to take trucks, but one of his builders got him to work. He bounced a lot and was fitted with a cab and an extra set of wheels, and became a 0-4-2 Saddle Tank. He is very proud of the line that he and his brother Rheneas ran so well for so many years, and is glad that at last there are more engines there to help. Skarloey has a great respect for his coaches, and quite tempernamental when they are uncomfortable. He has had a few phobias but manages to overcome them. He also enjoys catching up with his twin brother, Tallylyn.
FIRST SEEN - Series 4, A Bad Day For Sir Handel
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Push Me Pull You
Rheneas.jpg picture by UnluckyTug06 Rheneas has a healthy reputation for being a Gallant Old Engine. He is a 0-4-0 Well Tank and originally came to Sodor over a 100 years with no cab. The Narrow Gauge railway wasn't doing too well before Sir Handel and Peter Sam arrived and Skarloey was normally ill. During a storm, Rheneas had to take double the passengers. He fought his way through the storm, and made it home even though he got a cramp. For years, Rheneas was away being repaired, catching up with his twin brother Dolgoch. Skarloey missed him dreadfully, but Rheneas arrived home a few years before their 100th birthday. The two spend a lot of time resting at the sheds. After a needed rest, Rheneas has become much more lively. He is a very determined chap, and enjoys helping the others out and finishing their work if they can't.
FIRST SEEN - Series 4, A Bad Day For Sir Handel
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Push Me Pull You
111SirHandel.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Sir Handel is a very mischevious engine. Once being called Falcon, Sir Handel worked with Peter Sam on the Mid-Sodor Railway, but was bought to the Skarloey line when hard times came. When he first arrived, Sir Handel was restless and nothing suited him, causing him a dreadful derailment that sent him to the shed for punishment. Since then, Sir Handel has learned a lot about respect, and is now highly respected on the line. Though he still causes trouble when things don't go his way. He once spent a short time in Wales and got to pull a wedding train and ran into a tree. He is still good friends with Peter Sam as well as Gordon and takes advice from the bigger engine, one piece though that lead to Peter Sam's dreadful accident at the Incline. He is a 0-4-2 Saddle Tank engine based on Tallylyn's Sir Haydn.
FIRST SEEN - Series 4, Granpuff
LAST SEEN - Series 12, The Man Of The Hills
111PeterSam.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Peter Sam always has a bright attitude and looks on the bright side of life. His name used to be Stuart when he worked with Sir Handel and Duke on the Mid-Sodor Railway. He didn't mind being bought, and enjoys his life now. He is very kind to the coaches, who think he is a real charmer. Peter Sam also was willing to do all of Sir Handel's work as well as his own when Sir Handel was on punishment. He is a bit gullible but acts very nice and tries the workers well. After a nasty incident at the Incline, his funnel was damaged and it eventually got knocked off by an icicle and got replaced with a Gisel funnel that made him more powerful. He spent some time in Wales were he got a very bad cause of boiler sludge! He is a 0-4-2 Saddle Tank engine based on Tallylyn's Edward Thomas.
FIRST SEEN - Series 4, Granpuff
LAST SEEN - Series 12, The Surprise Party
3Rusty2.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Rusty is the line's main diesel, and a kind one. His main job is to keep the line clear and safe. Rusty was brought to the railway to help out when Skarloey was away and aimed to make it unrecognisable. Duncan thought very low of him at first, though after denying Rusty's advice on the line, Duncan derailed. Rusty was able to save him, and the two both have a healthy respect for each other. Rusty spends a lot of time keeping Duncan in order and made good friends with the rest of the engines very quickly. He is  0-4-0 Diesel based on Tallylyn's Midlander.
FIRST SEEN - Series 4, Trucks!
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Push Me Pull You
111Duncan.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 A rough engine indeed, Duncan has a reputation for being wreckless which he got from his previous jobs at factories. He originally came to assist after Peter Sam had a bad accident and stayed on afterwards. He loved to Rock N Roll as he went, which cost him two accidents, once making a tunnel collapse on him, and another derailing. After Rusty rescued him, Duncan has learned a lot since, but still has a mind for curiousity and loves a thrill, and this sometimes gets the better of him. He gets on well with James and dislikes being mocked by the Standard Gauge engines. He is a 0-4-0 Well Tank based on Tallylyn's Douglas.
FIRST SEEN - Series 4, Home At Last
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Push Me Pull You
111Duke.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Duke is an old, and wise engine that long worked on the Mid-Sodor railway happily along the youthful Falcon and Stuart. The two often joked about Duke's age and called him 'Granpuff', but Duke would always say such disrespect would "never suit His Grace". When the old line was closing, Stuart and Falcon were bought by The thin Controller, and left Duke in a shed which was later buried, never to be seen again. But a rescue party found him quite by accident, and he now works happily with Sir Handel and Peter Sam, who still have the urge to tease him. He is a 0-4-0 Saddle Tank with Tender and is based on Prince, the oldest working engine in the United Kingdom, from the Ffestiniog Railway.
FIRST SEEN - Series 4, Granpuff
LAST SEEN - Series 4, You Can't Win!
bertrum.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Bertrum is an old engine that hadn't seen the rails in years. It hasn't been confirmed whether he was a member of the Mid-Sodor Railway or not, but was left beside an old shed when the mine he worked at closed down. Toby found him one night, and was repaired in time to work the restored mine line again, pulling passengers alongside the other little engines. Bertrum was nicknamed The Old Warrior by the workmen for being so brave to have been left abadoned, and have a good attitude about it afterwards. He is a 0-4-0 Saddle Tank with Tender.
FIRST SEEN - Series 5, Toby's Discovery
LAST SEEN - Series 5, Toby's Discovery
untitled.pnguntitled2.png Mighty Mac is one unique character. For one, he has two boilers and a face at each end. One end is named Mighty (the one with the curled top) and the other is Mac (the one with the freckles). Each often argue with each other, and when someone thinks something, the other thinks the opposite. But with two boilers, they both have a good amount of strength, and can easily take on any job. They are a 0-4-4-0 Double Fairlie based on the ones from the Ffestiniog Railway.
FIRST SEEN - Series 9, Mighty Mac
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Mountain Marvel
 This proud engine is no other than Fearless Freddie. He may be old, but he still has a knack for high speeds. When he was young, Freddie was known as The Fastest Engine Of The Hills, and loved racing about. When returning from Britian for repairs, Freddie realised age had finally caught up with him after he tried to race Skarloey and Rheneas and resorted to cheating, only for Rheneas to derail. Even though Freddie is old, he has a great heart and a good friend in the other engines and Colin the crane. He is a 2-6-2 Sidetank engine based on Russell from the Welsh Highland Railway.
FIRST SEEN - Series 10, Fearless Freddie
LAST SEEN - Series 12, The Man Of The Hills
2Smudger.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Smudger/Stanley/No. 2 was a show-off. He worked with Duke, Falcon, and Stuart on the Mid-Sodor Railway. Often, Smudger would take risks and come off the rails whilst portraying them. Duke would always warn him, but it was no use. As Smudger would say "What's only a few spills?" Well, he found out soon enough when the Manager turned Smudger into a generator to become useful at last. His fate when the line closed is unknown, though rumours say he was crushed in the mudslides. His type is unconfirmed for the Railway Series, but he is a 0-4-0 Well Tank in the Television Series.
FIRST SEEN - Series 4, Granpuff
LAST SEEN - Series 4, Granpuff
Proteus-1-.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Being the line's mythical idol, Proteus has been the star of many tales the little engines share. In one story, Proteus had a magic lamp that was lost a long time ago, which Peter Sam was determined to find. On another occasion, Peter Sam discovered an old statue of Proteus hidden in the brush off a branchline, which he wanted to keep as a surprise for the Thin Controller. It is unknown if Proteus was a member of the railway a long time ago, though he has appeared in dreams and flashbacks.
FIRST SEEN - Series 9, The Magic Lamp
LAST SEEN - Series 12, Mountain Marvel (as a statue)


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