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These are the characters of the Railway Series that are engines of the real world, some famous, some not.

NRSE.jpg picture by UnluckyTug06
These are the engines that Thomas met when he was invited to the National Railway Museum in 1991
greenarrow.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Green Arrow is a showpiece at the National Railway Museum. He is a preserved LNER V2 Class, for the reason is because he is the main attraction. Green Arrow is cousins with the Flying Scotsman, but about half the size with a 6-wheel tender. Thomas met Green Arrow after his unusual arrival on a lorry after an accident. The two got on great, and Thomas chatted with the engine during his whole visit.
mallard.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Mallard is a dignified LNER Pacific A3 Class. He is famous for being one of the fastest engine in the world, going 125 m/ph. He is often grouchy and sometimes stubborn. He used to be a dirty green without wheel covers, but was repainted when bought. He spends most of his time in the sheds on exhibitation, but longs for a good long run again.
dcuhessofhamilton.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 The Duchess Of Hamilton has seen better days. Before being preserved, she ran many miles often pulling special trains. Nowadays, she sometimes pulls railtours, but not as often as she would like. She is a LMS Duchess Cordination Class 4-6-2.
ironduke.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Iron Duke is the National Railway Museum's broad gauge engine, once working on the Great Western Railway. Thomas wondered if Duck knew about broad gauge, and thought it would be something to tell when he returned. Iron Duke's line ran from Swindon Works to London and Gloucester, and was pleased to become a popular preserved piece in the National Railway Museum's collection.
BBR.jpg picture by UnluckyTug06
These are five of the engines that Stepney works with on the Bluebell Railway.
bluebellprimrose.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Bluebell and Primose are twin engines, the same class as Stepney. Both have been preserved and work on the Bluebell Railway, and are very cheerful workers. They are most happy to pull passengers. Bluebell is No.323, and Primose is No.27.
captainbaxter.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 This little guy is 'Captain' Baxter. He is 0-4-0 Dorking Greystone Lime Company type, built customly by Fletcher Jennings. In 1980, Baxter returned to work after a major compressive overhaul, and was certified to last 10 years longer, but is now preserved and a happy chap once more. Baxter is No.3.
adam488.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Adam is a LSWR Radial Tank Engine built for World War I, transporting goods. After the war, he needed serious boiler work done to return to the railway. But for every happy ending, he was bought by the Bluebell Railway and they preserved him. Adam is No.488.
cromford2650.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Cromford is a LNWR 0-6-0 Goods Tank Engine, he main work was pulling passengers trains for short distances up and down Berbyshire in Devon. He was for a short time on loan to Barrow Hill Yards, and returned to the Bluebell Railway afterward. Cromford is No.2650. 
OtherRailways-2.jpg picture by UnluckyTug06
These are another lot of engines from various railways that briefly made appearances in The Railway Series.
jintypug.jpg image by UnluckyTug06 Jinty and Pug are shunters from the Other Railway, who came to Sodor for a short time when the Fat Controller's Engines were to go to London. Jinty is a Class 0-6-0 3F tank engine, and often cheeky. Pug is a basic Class 0-4-0 Pug, whilst where he got his name. Percy knew these two before coming to Sodor, and the three shared good memories.
tallylynanddogloch.jpg These beautiful engines are Tallylyn and Dogloch. They work at the Tallylyn Railway in Towyn, Wales, and are some of the star attractions. Tallylyn is a 0-4-2 Saddle Tank Skarloey's twin brother, and Dogloch is a 0-4-0 Well Tank and Rheneas' twin brother. All four were built in 1865 and looked exactly like each at the time, neither with a cab and four wheels, though they have changed over time. Skarloey has caught up with Tallylyn a few times, though it is unknown if Rheneas has caught up with Dogloch.
King James I was an engine that worked on the Great Western Railway in Paddington. He was mentioned in Gordon Goes Foreign. Very little is known about him, all can be said is that he was good friends with Duck.

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